The Pew Research Center came out Monday with a new study as part of their FactTank series indicating public optimism on the economy is fragile at best.

The study showed that although there are clear signs the economy is improving, the American public remains “bearish” and still overwhelmingly critical of President Barack Obama’s leadership over it.

While views of the economy usually trend on a “complex combination of partisanship and widening socio-economic gaps,” Pew said, the percentage rating of economic conditions is well below 40 percent for Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike.

In addition, Pew found the ratio of Americans who identify themselves as part of the middle class is in sharp decline, falling from 53 percent in 2008 to 44 percent in 2014.

“The data suggest that economic attitudes may be more complex indicators than they once were,” the FactTank article surmised. “The public’s view of the national economy is now filtered through the lens of partisanship, and moderated by a continuing perception that the economic news is mixed at best, even as some economic indicators have improved.”