Are we headed for another financial crisis? CNN Money’s Jack Markell seems to think so. But it’s not the kind of financial crisis we saw in 2008; Markell thinks this one will hit a little closer to home.

The next financial crisis, Markell argues, will come from a widespread lack of understanding personal finance.

“Helping people understand their finances is absolutely essential in today's economy,” Markell wrote on Friday, adding that American schools have “not done nearly enough to give Americans control over their financial destinies.”

“To be sure, knowing how to put together a personal budget or how a credit score works won't raise a person's income,” he continued, “but it can make a paycheck go further and show families how to avoid decisions that cause long-term harm. While some of today's financial stressors will persist until the economy improves, a better grasp of the financial basics can make a huge difference to millions right now.”