Most local media and fans thought the Utah Jazz offseason could not have gone better. However, national media might not feel the same way.

Earlier this summer, Yahoo Sports columnist Jared Bray said that no team in the NBA had a more interesting offseason.

Interesting? Undoubtedly, but NBA writer David Aldridge ranked NBA team's summers, and the Jazz rated as one of the least productive offseasons. He ranked the Jazz at No. 29 out of all 30 NBA teams.

Ouch. That one will sting a little for Jazz Nation. A fan responded and demanded an explanation for the extremely low ranking. Aldridge responded objectively and summed the Jazz offseason up in one trite sentence: "Losing both Al Jefferson and (Paul) Millsap, no matter the circumstances, cannot be spun as having a good summer."

Aldridge also backed up his ratings by explaining that he was evaluating only the offseason, not next season or the extended future of the Jazz. Looking at the transactions taking place over the summer, he believes the Jazz are a worse team now than at the end of the 2012-13 regular season.

In the ratings, Aldridge said Utah's difficulty bringing free agent to the Jazz negatively affected its offseason. The Jazz will heavily rely on Derrick Favors and is banking on Trey Burke to rise to the occasion.

There is a lot of different opinions floating around, however it's almost certain the Jazz will struggle in its rebuilding year. Despite this, hope for a brighter future remains still for the Jazz faithful in Salt Lake City.