If you had unlimited vacation days, would you take them? In the views of the Christian Science Monitor, no you wouldn’t. In fact, you would probably end up wishing that you had a specified number of days off. “(I)t could be that only the employer benefits are real, and the employee benefits are mostly imaginary.”

In a scenerio where there are unlimited days off, the Monitor argues that while the employer certainly benefits from not having to track employee hours so thoroughly — and thus saves money — the average employee is left with no guidelines as to what is the acceptable amount of vacation both his boss, and his peers, are okay with.

“In a highly competitive, workaholic atmosphere, and without some guidelines as to what is normal or expected, employees may feel guilty about taking off any time at all. Are they slackers if they take two weeks? Three? Four? What’s appropriate? Will others who take less vacation, or no vacation, be viewed more favorably?”

Freeman Stevenson is a Snow College grad and a writer for the Deseretnews.com Opinion section. Email Freeman at fstevenson@deseretdigital.com