The folks who run Greenhill School, a private high school in Dallas, believe investing in their students' education is important.

In fact, the school’s investment committee — comprised entirely of parents of former and current students — has donated $100,000 for the school’s business club to invest in real-world stocks.

“Some members of the committee thought real money would change and affect the way (the students) invest,” Mike Weinberg, a member of the Greenhill School investment committee, said in a video produced by CNN Money.

According to Hibah Yousuf, a CNN correspondent and Greenhill School alumnus, the students can only invest in companies worth more than $1 billion and no company can be more than 15 percent of the portfolio. The students are also required to invest in two stocks out of six pre-selected sectors.

“We were in a simulation of the stock market,” said Greenhill student Clint Golman, “(but) it really wasn’t teaching us anything.”

For that reason, many of the club members’ parents were willing to dig into their pockets to help their children learn more about investing.

“Is it risky? Yes there’s a risk there,” Scott Alan Griggs, head of Greenhill School, told Yousuf. “But any time you’re in the market, there’s risk. Life is a risk, and we’re teaching real life lessons here and I think the students are going to do very well with it.”