Utah is known nationwide for its strict liquor laws, and these policies drive a lot of debate. A recent article by Sutherland Institute's Paul Mero titled, “Nothing silly of embarrassing about Utah’s liquor laws,” states five reasons why Utah’s liquor policy should stay:

1. “Liquor is a personal and societal negative. Pertaining to character, liquor never has made any human being a better person. Never. And a free society requires that we become our better selves.”

2. “Liquor makes human beings less free, if being truly free requires full mental faculties.”

3. “Liquor consumption impairs cognitive judgment and mechanical skills.”

4. “Liquor consumed by children is harmful to the child, especially in brain development. To dismiss the ill effects on children of the outward culture of drinking as an isolated matter for parents not only displays a naiveté about the real world, it also displays a sad ignorance of the proper role of law and government in the maintenance of a free society.”

5. “In an aggregate, a culture of drinking can exist — such as in a bar setting. In these circumstances, most policy-makers feel fully justified in regulating a culture of drinking.”

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