Bill Simpson, a longtime safety developer in motor sports, shifted gears last year to the sport of football. He began his work developing football helmets last year as he worked with Indianapolis Colt's wide receiver Austin Collie.

The former BYU football player has suffered from numerous concussions. Simpson developed an extra protective helmet for Collie and during the span of time last year when he used it, he did not have any concussions.

However, Collie stopped wearing the helmet late last season and since ending his stint with the protective gear, he has had another head injury. This occurred during this year's preseason in a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers when Larry Foote delivered a vicious tackle to Collie.

The patent design for Collie's helmet is now being taken to youth football leagues. Fox59 News in Indianapolis reported 3.5 million children take part in youth football, however that number is declining due to the concern of concussions at a young age.

This is where the new child-specific helmet comes into play. This video describes the design and need for this high-tech helmet.

Whitney O'Bannon is currently a new media sports intern for the Deseret News.