With the election becoming more heated as Wednesday's debate nears, eyes have zeroed in on the two candidates to identify the differences in their views. CNN received copies of the various talking points Gov. Mitt Romney will focus on.

"America has lost 582,000 manufacturing jobs on President Obama's watch," said one of the points, according to CNN.

Americans will be looking at who has a better plan for boosting the employment rate. Romney proposes 12 million new jobs with his Stronger Middle Class plan and a reformed tax code that he said would increase the number of new jobs. The new jobs, he said, would raise income levels as well, according to the article.

"President Obama has already raised taxes 19 times. In a second, term he will raise taxes by another $2 trillion," according to another point by Romney, cited in the article.

Romney will also focus on recent events in the Middle East.

"He [Obama] has downgraded our relationship with Israel, failed to develop a strategy that protects and advances our interest in the Middle East, and put our nation on track for massive cuts to the defense budget," stated another point cited by CNN.

Romney's plans are to "reverse the President's defense cuts, and he will never apologize for America," according to the article.