When the Washington Redskins took Alfred Morris in the sixth round of the NFL Draft, most didn't think he had much of a shot at making the team's 53-man roster. Now he might start at running back Sept. 9 in New Orleans, according to the Washington Post.

Morris has been the team's most productive running back this preseason, according to the article. He attributes his success to the good example his parents set for him at a young age.

"I look at my mom with seven boys, raising us," Morris, the fourth boy in a family with no girls, told the Washington Post. "She went back and got her AA and her bachelors, and it took about seven years to do that, and she took another couple years to get her masters in special education. So it just let me know that, all the things she had on top of the school work, it's nothing too hard. If you really want it, just go out there and reach it."

Morris's father also set a good example for him while the father was growing up. "He was his siblings' parents for various reasons. He was working construction and going to school, doing stuff like this, buying his brothers and sisters school supplies and school clothes. Just that hard work was instilled in us when we were growing up. I'm just trying to go out there and make them proud no matter what I do. I'm just thankful for them. They're the fuel for my fire."

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