The Supreme Court is almost certainly going to announce decisions this week on cases affecting gay marriage, affirmative action and the Voting Rights Act, with the decisions coming at the end of what The Daily Beast calls a "terrible, awful, horrible" year for the Obama administration in the high court.

Historically, the single most successful litigant in the Supreme Court is the United States, according to reporter Adam Winkler, with the solicitor general winning approximately 70 percent of its cases in the past.

This term, however, the government has a 37 percent winning percentage, with the court deciding 15 of 24 cases against the government and siding with the government on nine. In cases where the United States filed a "friend of the court" brief, the government has a 44 percent winning percentage.

Reading the tea leaves, Winkler said more losses seem imminent in the wake of justice skepticism over government arguments made in the Voting Rights Act case, the University of Texas affirmative action case and the Defense of Marriage Act case.

Although some of the decisions can be attributed to the court's feeling toward Obama, Winkler suggested, he also said the administration shoulders some of the blame, "as evidenced by the number of unanimous decisions in which even the court's liberal justices rejected the government's arguments, which often go against precedent or assert nearly unlimited federal power."