The Democratic Convention in Charlotte, N.C., ended at the beginning of September, but organizers are looking for lost electronics they say total more than half a million dollars, or in some cases, as much as 62 times the listed market prices, ABC News reported Friday.

According to the police report, the missing items included a Macbook Pro laptop reportedly worth $75,537, other Macbook Pro computers worth $16,191 each, a Macbook Air laptop worth $20,787, an iPhone worth $30,503, an iPad worth $15,096, an HP Elitebook worth $40,887 and a Blackberry worth $54,250.

The cost of the missing items totaled $465,142.97, or an average of $11,344 per item, ABC reported.

"The apparently inflated prices were reported in May with the Charlotte Police Department by Kenneth Hardy, deputy in-house counsel for the Democratic National Convention Committee, on behalf of the DNCC Host Committee," ABC's Garrett Bruno wrote.

Read the police report here.