Our take: Politicians often use religious terminology to connect with certain audiences. In this story, Kate Shellnutt in Christianity Today compares President Obamas State of the Union speech to Sen. Marco Rubios GOP response. According to Shellnutt, Rubio scored higher on the religion index.

While Sen. Marco Rubio directly referred to blessings, prayer, and God-given rights in the Republican response to last nights State of the Union address, President Barack Obama spoke in less outwardly religious terms as he called on Americans as citizens to serve one another. Both politicians referred to Americans as authors of the countrys future.

Rubio, a week after being called The Republican Savior on the cover of Time, framed many political issues in religious terms.

He told the military they were in our prayers. He referred to Americas energy resources as blessings from God. He incorporated a pro-life perspective into a description of the countrys values, saying we believe that every life, at every stage, is precious. He called the American dream a God-given right.