Our take: Home Depot decided to replace its corporate staff's BlackBerry smartphones with Apple's iPhone. Erika Morphy from Forbes writes about why Home Depot may end up regretting its decision.

"This in from Apple Insider: Home Depot has decided to supply its corporate staff with Apples iPhone 4S, ditching the some 10,000 BlackBerry smartphones its executives have used to date.

"Its a blow to RIM โ€” sorry, BlackBerry โ€” to be sure, especially following last years decision by the security-conscious Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency to use the iPhone, over RIM. But it hardly spells the end for the company, which is just getting started pitching the BlackBerry Z10, a phone that is about as opposite of the iPhone than one can get and still be a smart device.

"In fact it could well be that BlackBerry will look back at Home Depots decision as its turning point."