Our take: Announced in 2008, the Gilbert Arizona Temple for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is set for completion in 2013, although an official date has not yet been announced. The temple has been under construction since Nov. 13, 2010, but according to those in charge of the temple's construction, perfection takes time. View a gallery of 39 photos documenting the progress of the construction on azcentral.com

About 40,000 visitors have come to the Gilbert Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints temple site at Pecos and Greenfield roads since a visitor center was set up inside a trailer in fall 2011.

Most have the same question: When will the temple open?

The answer from temple service missionaries Wayne and Pat Miller: We don't know.

"The final product and the quality are more important than the time line," project manager Bret Woods said. "It's a very elaborate process and there's a lot of detail that's involved. It has to be perfect."

It's difficult to even estimate an opening date.

"We view the temple as God's house," church spokeswoman Cindy Packard said. "Therefore, it has to be as perfect as can be. They do not rush to meet any deadlines."