Our take: When teen dating becomes abusive it not only changes their self-esteem but it usually takes a toll on their young adult life too. Teens abused in romantic relationship have increased chances to have similar relationships in their young adult life, according to Bonnie Rochman from Time. In Rochman''s article she analyzes research about violent teen dating:

"For teens, dating is about more than just finding a boyfriend or girlfriend. Its a critical part of adolescent development, but with reports of increased violence occurring within relationships, there is growing concern about how that early experience with dating aggression can impact young adult relationships.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 9.4 percent of teens in a recent survey reported being physically abused by a romantic partner in the past 12 months that included being slapped, hit, or intentionally injured. There is also evidence that adolescents who experience violence in early relationships are more vulnerable to being abused again, and indeed the latest study on the issue published in the journal Pediatrics shows that teens who experienced aggression from a romantic partner between the ages of 12 and 18 were up to three times as likely to be re-victimized in relationships as young adults."