Our take: Running back Jerome Herrison was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2011, which put his life plans on hold. Looking back at his ordeal, Harrison now says he sees it as God's miracle and as an answer to his prayers.

Jerome Harrison was a running back for the Detroit Lions in 2011, with plans of rejoining the Philadelphia Eagles. However, his life took a major detour when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and his prior ambitions were quickly put on hold.

After undergoing surgery, tackling complications and fighting depression, Harrison is now recovering from his tumor removal procedure and is beginning to recognize God's hand in his ordeal.

In a recent MLive.com report, Harrison has described what he felt when a doctor told him that he had a growth behind one of his eyes.

"The first thing I said was, 'Am I going to die?' He started laughing and said I had some swelling behind my eye. I'm thinking the only thing behind my eye is my brain. He showed me the picture of the CAT scan," the athlete recalled. "He was like, 'Do you see that big white thing?' That's not supposed to be there."