Our take: After the east coast was ravaged by Superstorm Sandy, then hit by a storm that brought snow, many families are still trying to recover their belongings and clean out their homes. This Thanksgiving, churches are volunteering some of their holiday time to help those in need get back on their feet.

More than 1,300 volunteers of a New Jersey church plan to make Thanksgiving weekend about more than sitting down with family to share a holiday meal. Their main focus is to come alongside Staten Island, N.Y., residents who are still suffering from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and help in any way they can.

Having already "mucked out" (cleaned and gutted) almost 200 homes in three tri-state area regions over the last two weeks, Liquid Church of New Jersey is now sending its army of volunteers to the hardest hit region of the Northeast. Hundreds more damaged homes will be gutted and tons of critical-need supplies, water and meals will be distributed this Thanksgiving weekend.

"When we asked who would be willing to give up their Thanksgiving and go serve we had over a thousand people volunteer to cancel their Thanksgiving plans and go out and serve in both New Jersey and Staten Island," the church's pastor, Tim Lucas, told The Christian Post Monday.