Our take: As with any election period, the end shines light on winners and losers. This year the winners are Latinos, status quo and presidential debates, according to Alex Altman a reporter from Time. Some of the losers he listed were live-tweeting and science. Altman explains why in his article:

"The candidates called it the most important election of our lifetimes. This time the cliche seemed especially hollow. Yes, there were big issues at stake: the solvency of social programs, the prospect of tax reform, immigration and gay marriage, the size of the military and the proper role of government. But Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and their ceaselessly negative campaigns mostly litigated these issues in sound-bites and platitudes. This was a long and petty election marked by Twitter flame wars and silly memes, glitter bombs and moon colonies, Big Bird and binders. But even small campaigns have winners and losers."