Here are a few things you don't hear much in the Quicken Loans Arena, home of the Cleveland Cavaliers, these days:

"We could win a championship this year!"

"Man, I love LeBron."

"We had an absolutely killer off-season and signed one of the best free agents out there!"

Jazz fans weren't completely broken up over C.J. Miles's departure to Cleveland during the off-season, and in a way, that's sad.

Miles' career to this point is one of unfulfilled potential. Drafted out of high school, he was known as one of the Jazz's most affable players and one of Deron Williams's best friends on the team. He showed occasional glimpses of utter brilliance. But in the end, the Jazz wouldn't pay him what he asked for as a free agent last offseason because they didn't feel he contributed to the team's success often enough or strongly enough to validate a larger payday. When the Jazz needed outside shooting, they couldn't rely solidly on his outside game, preferring Kyle Korver and subsequently Gordon Hayward. Meanwhile, his penetration and play creation skills were inferior to the likes of Deron Williams, Devon Harris and, dare I say it, Jamaal Tinsley.

What's a GM to do? Miles always struggled to lock down a definitive, important role upon which he could be relied to fulfill regularly and strongly.

Now, it's the Cavaliers' turn to find that out. Miles has been miserable in his early Cavs career - so much so that his mother even texted her son saying she doesn't like his on-the-floor body language.

The thing is, while he was here, the Jazz didn't like his body language that much either.