At the professional level, there is a game above the game.

If you've ever played fantasy hoops, you know what I mean.

General Managers, Team Presidents and the entire front office team are accountable for assembling and maintaining the personnel the fans see on the floor every night, and obviously, every member of the Jazz has a vested interest in how well the front office performs in signing people.

Almost universally, the performance of this team is secret -- every front office has an interest in keeping its moves as silent as possible so as to not show their hand to their opponents around the league.

But what if you got the chance to be on the inside for a couple minutes with Jazz President Randy Rigby? What would you ask? (A better question -- what would he say in response?)

ESPN Salt City Hoops blogger Alan Zaugg and personal friend of Rigby had a conversation with Rigby about the preseason, the personality of the Jazz and the team's potential. A must read on opening day.