Our take: A recent survey done at GoldDigest.com showed that most people don't care about whether their favorite golfer is religious or not. It also showed that most people aren't offended by players referring to religious aspects like God or prayer in their public interviews.

When an athlete thanks God after a win, it's an awkward moment for a diverse nation. If that doesn't end the interview, the presenter usually follows with a question that couldn't possibly elicit a religious response. No matter where you're seated in the stadium, or standing in the gallery, or watching from one of the 258 million TV sets in America, your reaction to the remark will be precisely as unique as you.

The mainstream teaches that bringing up religion in public is sort of akin to bringing up politics in front of Uncle Chuck at Thanksgiving dinner: If you want everyone to have a nice, relaxing time, it's just something you don't do. But being outside the mainstream isn't the same offense that it once was.