Our take: A recent report released by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life noted a 4.3 percent rise in the number of Americans who say they don't belong to a faith, but a separate collection of research indicates that the benefits of a lifetime of religious commitment may be just as important as a 401K plan. In this Huffington Post article, David Briggs highlights the positive influence of religion on aging Americans.

Retirement planning is not all about the money.

It may be just as important for aging Baby Boomers to have invested in their spiritual lives as in their 401K plans, new research shows.

The benefits of increased spiritual activity range from battling loneliness through personal faith and church, synagogue and mosque attendance to reducing death anxiety through religious music, the studies indicate.

And just as financial planners urge their clients to be prepared for living into their 90s, religious leaders can also make a case that a strong spiritual life provides a powerful foundation for coping with the trials of outliving our ability to care for ourselves.