Our Take: Ted Miller from ESPN's Pac-12 blog recently posted that the preseason power rankings could not have been less accurate. None of the teams are in their original preseason slots heading into week five, as there have been some "unexpected" twists thus far in the season. As for Utah, early rankings were very dependent on a healthy Jordan Wynn in the quarterback position. Now there is no Wynn on the field to funnel the offense through. Miller said he is not giving up on Utah quite yet:

I'm more a believer in USC bouncing back than it crumbling, but I now acknowledge the argument that the Trojans were overrated in the preseason as defensible. I'd like to see Oregon State win at Arizona and Arizona State end its Berkeley Curse before I go all-in with either. And I'm not sure folks should be so quick to write off a Utah program that started 0-4 in conference play last year but went on to win the Sun Bowl.

What's the root of the switcheroo? Quarterback play.

Oregon State, UCLA and Arizona State each had questions at the position in the preseason, but they are getting efficient production from young QBs. USC, Washington, California, Utah and Washington State entered the season with experience at QB, but each is getting production that is below expectations.