Our take: An article by Jill LePore of The New Yorker compares the campaigns, priorities and words of George Romney, Mitt Romney's father, and Mitt Romney, the current Republican presidential candidate.

"George Romney was fifty-nine when he ran for relection as Michigan's governor, in 1966. In this half-hour television special (see a clip above or the full-length version below), he explains his policies and plans for the state. (I came across the film in the records of Campaigns, Inc., in the California State Archives, while researching a piece on the history of political consulting.)"

"George Romney's oldest son is now sixty-five. On television, he and his father look and speak uncannily alike. What they say, though, is strikingly different. Romney Republicanism in 2012 could hardly be more different from Romney Republicanism in 1966. The difference, of course, isn't so much a family story as it is a story about the G.O.P."