Our take: Utah teachers are paid an average $37,000 to $52,000, according to an article from Mother Jones. How are Utah teacher's average pay compared to the Chicago teacher on strike and other teachers across the nation? Dave Gilson, Tasneem Raja and Jaeah Lee of Mother Jones analyze American teacher's pay:

"The Chicago teacher strike has resurrected the question at the center of much edupontification: Are American teachers underpaid or overpaid?

"For some perspective, we've compiled data on the average wages of elementary-school, middle-school, and high school teachers in more than 300 metropolitan areas. As you'll see, most teachers make more than $45,320, the average yearly wage for all occupations tracked by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Yet the range of what they earn varies widely: Elementary-school teachers in Jefferson City, Missouri, earn an average of $37,090; their colleagues in Long Island, New York, earn an average of $90,560."