Our take: As Mitt Romney begins to speak more about his faith, eyes are turning to examine the LDS Church and its effect on society. This article by Joel Kotkin in The Daily Beast examines the state of Utah and how the Mormon work ethic and focus on family values has made the state one of the best places to live and have a business in the country. Kotkin argues that these aspects of Mormonism are what Romney should be focusing on as he discusses his religion.

In his run for the Republican nomination, Mitt Romney downplayed his Mormonismreferring only to faith or shared valuesin the face of small-minded members of the Christian right and the occasional cackle from the Eastern cultural avant-garde. But with his partys nod in hand, Romney has been coming out in the run-up to the Republican convention, letting pool reporters join him and his family at a church service, and even choosing a member of the church to deliver the invocation on the night he addresses the Republican convention.