Our take: A new program testing Americans' knowledge of the Bible aired on GSN last night. A May 14 press release soliciting contestants for "The American Bible Challenge" asked for applicants "who have competitive spirits, great personal testimonies, a familiarity with pop culture — and, of course, an awesome knowledge of the Bible." Learn more about the show in this article from The Washington Post:

The world's best-selling book has made it to the small screen in what is thought to be the first religiously themed game show on a secular network.

"The American Bible Challenge" tests teams knowledge of the Old and New Testaments in a quiz show interspersed with stories of the competitors and the charities they play for.

The show represents a bid to tap the religious market by the secular GSN (formerly Game Show Network). The base audience is evangelicals, said consulting producer Maura Dunbar, but she hopes it will appeal to a broader audience, including nonbelievers.