Our Take: The Obama administration's policy regarding eight health care services goes into effect today. One of those services, free birth control coverage, has faith-based groups concerned about threats to religious freedom. The Washington Post's David Gibson says potential administration changes and continuing litigation will keep resolutions up in the air for at least the next year.

The Obama administrations policy requiring most employers to provide free birth control coverage in their health insurance policies takes effect on Wednesday (Aug. 1) a deadline that has sparked apocalyptic warnings from conservative activists and some faith groups.

August 1st is a day that will live in infamy for the First Amendment and the fundamental freedoms and rights we as a people have enjoyed since the founding of our nation, said Brent Bozell, head of ForAmerica. With the stroke of a pen, the Obama Administration has shredded the First Amendment and the Constitution right before our eyes.

August 1st will be remembered as the day our most cherished liberty was thrown in a government dumpster and hauled away, echoed Matt Smith, head of Catholic Advocate. And thats just a sampling of the outrage.