Our take: The Blaze's Billy Hallowell recently sat down with televangelist Joel Osteen to learn about how he became a pastor and how he handles criticism. Of his rise to prominence as the leader of the largest church in America, Osteen says, "God's dream for your life is bigger than your own. And that's what I've seen."

Televangelist and author Joel Osteen has millions of adoring fans. The popular preacher, who is known the world over for his inspirational messages, best-selling books and charismatic demeanor, is widely revered as one of Americas most popular faith leaders. His house of worship, Lakewood Church located in Houston, Texas, attracts more than 40,000 congregants each week, making it the largest church in America.

Last Sunday, TheBlaze visited Lakewood to speak with Osteen about his career path, stereotypes surrounding televangelists and the rewards and challenges he so regularly faces. Among the most intriguing discussion points was Osteens rise to fame a story that may not be known by many.