Our take: Some of the facts Business Insider's Eric Barker has gathered about happiness may surprise you. For example, would you believe that "video games can reduce your nightmares" and "putting things in boxes can reduce your sadness"? While we can't agree with all of Barker's findings (especially when it comes to a negative correlation between children and happiness), we think you'll find some of these science-backed insights interesting.

Here are a bunch of quick facts about happiness and life success that you probably had no idea about, but probably should.

Many of these tips may seem counterintuitive, but rest assured that their backed up by data and scientific studies.

Giving is better than receiving

Whatever your gift philosophy, you may be thinking that you would be happier if you could just spend the money on yourself but according to a three-part study by Elizabeth Dunn, Lara Aknin, and Michael Norton, givers can get more happiness than people who spend the money on themselves.