Our take: U.S. Army Chaplain Cliff Graham wrote his book series "The Lion of War" in the style of Mel Gibson's hit movie "Braveheart" to attract younger generations to Biblical heroes like King David and his warriors, calling them "The Navy Seals of the ancient world." Using cutting-edge media, Graham has turned his stories into cartoons and major motion pictures to encourage people to read the Bible to learn more for themselves.

How do you connect the next generation with the scriptures? One Army chaplain believes bringing ancient Bible heroes to life with 21st century media can do the job.

A cutting-edge media series, based on the book series The Lion of War, is introducing a new generation to the heroes of the Bible.

"It is the Gladiator/Braveheart take on King David and his warriors, which the Bible calls the mighty men," U.S. Army chaplain Cliff Graham, the books' author, told CBN News. "These were the Navy Seals of the ancient world."

Graham wrote these books with one thing in mind.

"We want to see a new generation of people come to love and have affection for the scriptures to realize it's not just a dusty old book, but it's alive and passionate and real and relevant to this very day," he explained.