Our take: The "Power to Change" advertising campaign is spreading across Hyderabad, India's third-largest city, known as the country's Silicon Valley, in an attempt to reach a broad scope of people with the message of the gospel. The campaign, a collaborative effort between Christians and local church leaders, will be publicized on buses, taxis and billboards across the city.

Advertisements in major cities from Asia to the Middle East are introducing millions of people to a life-changing message about Christ.

The month-long media campaign recently flooded India's third-largest city with its "Power to Change" theme, reaching more people in a few weeks than local churches could reach in years. The effort is a collaborative effort of Christian ministries and local church leaders.

Hyderabad is home to India's high-tech industry. Many refer to it as the country's Silicon Valley.

But despite the city's technological advances, its population suffers the same problems mankind has faced for centuries.

"They are depressed. They are oppressed. So many people are in so many difficult situations, and they are thinking, 'My life can never change. It will be the same,'" explained Sushruth Pradhan, leader of Refreshing International Ministries.