Our Take: Scott Conroy recently wrote at RealClearPolitics about a unique but significant group of Latter-day Saint members who don't relate to Mitt Romney's politics, and in fact are quite behind Barack Obama for a second term as president. While a tiny minority, these faithful are not shy about why they don't support the man who could become the first Mormon president, speaking on campus and using social media to ensure their 'endgame is to represent the diversity of the Church.'

"In many ways, Hannah Wheelwright fits the typical profile of a young volunteer for President Obama's re-election campaign.

"Wheelwright, 19, grew up in northern Virginia before heading out West to Utah to pursue a political science degree and becoming active in her colleges Democratic Party chapter. Now a sophomore, she plans to spend the summer helping to organize road trips to neighboring Colorado for out-of-state volunteers through a fellowship she received from the Obama campaign.

"But as a practicing Mormon on the conservative campus of Brigham Young University, which happens to be Mitt Romneys alma mater, Wheelwrights support for Obama is often met with mystified reactions from her peers."