Our take: Iranian-born Massoud Fouroozandeh was a Muslim who found Christ after trying to disprove the Bible. Fouroozandeh eventually became the pastor of one of the fastest growing churches in Denmark. His focus is on reaching out to the 4 percent of Muslims living in Denmark and he has written a book called "The Forbidden Salvation" to address the fear, persecution and stigma surrounding a Muslim who wants to learn more about Christ.

In Denmark, at least 4 percent of the country's population claims to be of the Muslim faith. Now, one former Muslim is sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with them.

But it's not without a price.

Massoud Fouroozandeh was born a Muslim in Iran. In 1986 when the Iran-Iraq War broke out, Fouroozandeh, then 15, was called up for military duty. But instead of serving, he fled Iran on crutches through the Kurdish mountains, and eventually settled in Denmark.

Today, he is the pastor of one of the fastest growing churches in Denmark with a special outreach to Denmark's Muslim immigrants. He is the author of the book titled "The Forbidden Salvation."

His journey to Christianity began when his mother, who also became a Christian, gave him a Bible. This angered him and he decided to disprove it, but something different happened.