Our take: "Fight Church" is a new documentary film that explores the world of Mixed Martial Arts from the perspective of people of faith who live, work, and train in it every day. Rather than simply showcasing the fighting or the more gory aspects of MMA, the film looks at the ministries that reach out to the lost souls through the sport, and attempts to show why people in the mainstream Christian community may take issue with the violence of the sport in relation to the Bible.

Martial arts and worshiping Jesus Christ arent two subjects one expects to see coalescing, however theres apparently a robust movement of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters within Americas diverse Christian community.

A new documentary film called Fight Church plans to delve into this intriguing culture, while showcasing why Bible-believing individuals and churches engage in activities that many dismiss as violent and anti-Biblical.

Fight Church goes beyond merely exploring Christians who enjoy engaging in professional fighting. Instead, it also explores the ministries that train and equip these church members. A synopsis of the movie perfectly summarizes its premise: