Our take: Police in Sao Paulo Brazil, were more than surprised to find that a thief had returned stolen money to it's rightful owners and had also left an apology letter for the victims. After explaining that the money was taken during a time of financial distress, the unnamed thief mentioned that his faith in God prompted him to right the wrong. He also gave the homeowners advice on how to better protect their home from other thieves.

An unidentified thief, who stole from a house in Tatu, Sao Paulo in Brazil, has stunned police after he returned the money and left an apology letter. The thief claimed to be an evangelical Christian, explained the reason he committed the crime, and furthermore gave tips on how the owners could better protect their home.

The police said the burglar broke into the house through the couple's bedroom window with a screwdriver, taking two envelopes of R$ 400 (around $196 USD). According to G1 publication, the couple had saved the money to pay their household bills.

However, the owners were left shocked when soon after the burglary they received an envelope delivered to their door with part of the money (around $122 USD) and a hand-written letter. The thief justified the theft and apologized to the victim.